Top 10 wineries in Valle de Guadalupe 2019
There are many different types of vacations one can take in Mexico, but perhaps one of the trendiest at the moment is one that includes lots of vino! Just a few hours south of San Diego, lies the beautiful Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California.
Is Driving In Mexico Safe?
When you think about taking a vacation to Mexico, the first thing you probably think of is the flights. But did you know you can actually drive from the U.S. to Tijuana? Driving to Tijuana from San Diego is much easier than you may initially think as long as you understand ahead of time what is required for entry.
Can you drive in Mexico with a US driver's license?
Mexico is a country filled with a plethora of places ideal for a relaxing getaway. The food, people and culture are all one-of-a-kind and so is its scenery. If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, especially if it’s one where you’d like to explore via your own vehicle, then advanced preparation is key to ensuring a smooth vacation.
Is My Car Insurance Valid in Mexico?
If you are planning on driving to Mexico, one of the most important things to consider is transportation. You will want a reliable means of transportation when venturing throughout Mexico. This means you need to have insurance coverage or risk facing the penalties if you were to get into an accident or become injured.


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Many tourists travel into Mexico without considering their car insurance policies. is relatively affordable and easy to obtain beautiful scenery and incredible dining options, then Mexico is the ideal country for you. When planning your next surf getaway, you should consider crossing the border by driving to Tijuana from San Diego to reach these ultimate swells. camp beautiful grounds that have something for the whole family, then Baja sounds like the ultimate trip for you new wine destination emerging on the scene – Valle de Guadalupe. Have you been considering venturing along the San Diego to Tijuana border crossing? The San Diego to Tijuana border crossing is one of the busiest borders in the world Getting ready for a trip to Tijuana? are driving to Tijuana from San Diego for business or pleasure what is the best time to visit? What is the best time to cross from Tijuana to San Diego? beautiful beachside area along the western coast called Playas de Tijuana. Baja California road trip a trip to Ensenada is an international getaway within reach. driving to Tijuana from San Diego for day trips or longer road explorations. Driving to Tijuana from San Diego has become increasingly popular year after year Tijuana has become a scene for locals, ex-pats and visitors alike to mingle with cold cervezas while indulging in fresh, hand-crafted dishes San Diego to Tijuana border crossing, refer to this post when deciding what to do in Tijuana best beaches can be reached by simply driving from the U.S. to Baja California, Mexico? top seven Baja California beaches to your itinerary. Valle de Guadalupe is only about two hours south of the San Diego to Tijuana border crossing the restaurant scene in Valle de Guadalupe is booming beyond belief. Here are the top seven Valle de Guadalupe Restaurants As healthcare costs continue to rise in the United States Even traveling across the border to Mexico and back includes forms and requirements Baja would not be complete without including a day trip in Ensenada investors and entry-level dabblers are turning to Baja California as a prominent real estate opportunity medical tourism United States, citizens are seeking alternatives to various medical treatments drastically reduce the cost of their treatments