Is My Car Insurance Valid in Mexico

Is My Car Insurance Valid in Mexico?

If you are planning on driving to Mexico, one of the most important things to consider is transportation. You will want a reliable means of transportation when venturing throughout Mexico. This means you need to have insurance coverage or risk facing the penalties if you were to get into an accident or become injured. Many tourists travel into Mexico without considering their car insurance policies.

U.S. Insurance Policies

Car insurance policies in the United States can vary greatly. If you are planning on traveling, it is best to contact them to discuss options. However, if you have liability insurance then you will have to purchase Mexican car insurance or face the consequences. This is because United States liability coverage does not hold up in Mexico if you get into an accident.

Why You Should Get Mexican Car Insurance

If you are planning on traveling to Mexico, it is best to invest in Mexican car insurance. Why? You will notice that insurance policies and regulations can change according on where you are at in Mexico. Mexico requires drivers to have proof of financial responsibility. So, you will have to purchase a policy in Mexico. If you get into an accident with only your American coverage, you could potentially be arrested and your car could be impounded. Mexico will not recognize American car insurance policies. In order to drive legally in the country, you will need to have Mexican auto insurance.

How To Buy Mexican Car Insurance

Purchasing Mexican car insurance is a lot easier than you may think. You can purchase car insurance online through companies that have international car insurance policies and partners. If you happen to forget, you may be wondering, “can you buy Mexican car insurance at the border?”. The answer is yes. However, purchasing car insurance at the border will be more expensive than doing it beforehand. The company will ask you general questions such as your age, length of visit, and where you are going.

How Much Does It Cost?

Regardless of what company you contact, you will notice that coverage will be offered in packages which often depend on the length of your stay. If you are staying longer or want more coverage, that is when the price will increase. If you are comparing Mexican insurance to American insurance you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that the cost is quite similar. Of course, the price will vary, but even full coverage is very affordable.

What About Car Rentals?

You may be traveling into Mexico using a rental car or you plan on renting one once you arrive. You will still need to invest in insurance because it is illegal to drive without it. Car rental companies will be able to provide the details on what you will need and will offer you various packages. Double check that your package will have at least liability coverage to make your car legal. There are actually quite a few credit card companies that will provide foreign insurance for your rental car. This is especially true if you have a credit card focused on travel. Make sure to call and ask to identify what packages are covered.

A trip or visit to Mexico can be burdened by getting into an accident, but do not make matters worse by not investing in Mexican auto insurance. It is illegal to drive without it and American insurance will not cover you. There are many avenues you can choose to make sure you are covered when visiting Mexico. Even a rental car must be covered. Try not to wait until the last minute by purchasing at the border. Call your insurance, credit card company, or call rental company.

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