Best 5 Hotels in Playas de Tijuana

When you think of Tijuana, the images that probably come to mind are of the hustle and bustle of its city. You picture the buzzing streets, packed restaurants and bars, bountiful markets and vibrant art installations. You may only consider it as a day trip or even an overnight if arriving via the San Diego to Tijuana border crossing in San Ysidro. However, if you’re planning a trip and are wondering what to do in Tijuana, the number of sites to be explored may take you by surprise. Perhaps the most surprising attraction is the beautiful beachside area along the western coast called Playas de Tijuana.

As you walk along the boardwalk in Playas de Tijuana, stop to not only soak in the views, but to grab a meal of fresh seafood with a refreshing Michelada beer. You can certainly spend at least one day in the main city of Tijuana and at least one day in Playas de Tijuana. If you have additional time, there are a number of breathtaking areas in Baja California. To help with the planning, here are the five best hotels in Playas de Tijuana and its surrounding areas for your trip.

1. Hotel Jatay

This hotel in Playas de Tijuana is in a great location. It is both close to the ocean and a few miles away from top attractions like the Casa de la Cultura and Old City Hall. Hotel Jatay features an onsite restaurant and spa services.

2. Hotel Ticuan

About 10 km east of Playas de Tijuana in the main city, Hotel TIcuan has been one of the most popular hotels for locals and tourists alike. Located in the Avenida Revolucion district, this hotel is centrally located near some of the area’s best shopping. The hotel has an array of amenities such as a full-service spa, fitness center, bar and restaurant.

3. Del Mar Inn Playas de Tijuana

Del Mar Inn is just blocks from the ocean in Playas de Tijuana. Grab a coffee at the café or take a dip in the outdoor pool if you want a break from the salty sea. You can also indulge in an authentic Mexican buffet breakfast daily.

4. Hotel Caesar’s

Located in the downtown area of the greater city of Tijuana, Hotel Caesar’s is best known for its comfortable accommodations and central location. Playas de Tijuana is about a 20-minute drive away from this spot.

5. Oui Madame

Oui Madame is actually a quaint bed and breakfast right near the beach in Playas de Tijuana. A tasty continental breakfast is included with your stay. There are only six bedrooms available, and this bed and breakfast books up fast.

Are you excited yet? You will have a fabulous time during your trip to Playas de Tijuana. If you are planning on driving to Tijuana from San Diego, ensure you have the proper temporary Mexico auto insurance from a reputable company like Mexican Border Insurance. They’re the experts in ensuring your vehicle is completely covered and in line with the Mexican automobile requirements. Contrary to what many think, U.S. car insurance is not accepted by the Mexican government for required liability coverage. Be prepared and secure your proper documentation ahead of time, so you can enjoy your trip stress-free.

If you are planning to do the San Diego to Tijuana border crossing by vehicle, you should also schedule some time to visit two additional beautiful Baja beach towns. Aside from spending a night in Playas de Tijuana, make a stop in Playas de Rosarito and Playa Estero. These beach side cultural hubs should definitely be on your Baja California bucket list as well.

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