Why is Valle de Guadalupe the new Italian Tuscany?

For decades, Italy’s Tuscany region has been the number one spot for wine lovers from the most exquisite connoisseurs to those just looking for a good time. In recent years, there’s a new wine destination emerging on the scene – Valle de Guadalupe.

Valle de Guadalupe is located about an hour and a half south of the San Diego to Tijuana border crossing area called San Ysidro. If you’re considering driving to Tijuana from San Diego, then you will want to highly consider using Mexican Border Insurance. This is something you’ll need proof of in addition to your passport as Mexico does not accept the coverage on your standard U.S. policy. It is wise to secure the insurance ahead of time with a reputable company, rather than having to take the time out of your trip, and in possible traffic, to pick up some insurance at the border. If driving, don’t forget to also carry your U.S. driver’s license, as that is valid in Mexico. It is also good to have in case you need to show proof of age while in Valle de Guadalupe.

Valle de Guadalupe is a beautiful region only an hour and a half south from San Diego filled with a plethora of wineries. The Baja California region actually produces more than 70 percent of the wine made in Mexico. Due to its altitude, the conditions of Valle de Guadalupe are ideal for growing a variety of red grapes that wouldn’t be able to grow in other California regions like Napa. It has become such a popular region that it’s beginning to even contend with Tuscany. One of the signature events you won’t want to miss is the star-studded Valle Food and Wine Festival, which usually takes place in October. All of the region’s best chef’s and wineries participate for a weekend everyone talks about for the entire year.

If visiting in October just is not in the cards, then there are quite a large number of wineries you’ll want to include in your trip itinerary. Some of the most popular wineries in this area include Monte Xanic, Vena Cava, Villa Montefiori and Vinas de Garza. Monte Xanic is actually the oldest winery in Valle de Guadalupe, and produces some of the deepest and most sought-out Bordeaux tasting wines. Vena Cava is another winery that definitely deserves a stop on the wine tour. This is one of the newer wineries with a craft-feel, also housing a food truck on site. In addition to the vibes, the wines reflect this craft-mentality as well, blending a number of wines together to create a tasty full body wine named “Big Blend.” The family who owns Villa Montefiori winery is actually from the Tuscany area, and the Italian flare can be tasted in all of the wines they produce. Viñas de Garza is one of the more boutique-y wineries in the area. It houses a beautiful outdoor terrace with the perfect vineyard views to enjoy their signature blended red wines.

Visiting the Valle de Guadalupe region definitely requires a mode of transportation as there are many wineries you will want to visit in one trip. If you are planning on driving your car down to Valle de Guadalupe by driving to Tijuana from San Diego, then there are a few things to prepare for ahead of time, and a big one is having the right auto insurance, especially when people are drinking and driving. Your U.S. insurance will not be valid, so securing coverage from a company like Mexican Border Insurance ensures you’ll be all set for your wine tour.

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