Top 5 Camping Sites in Baja for Adventurers

If you’re an adventure seeker and are looking for camp beautiful grounds that have something for the whole family, then Baja sounds like the ultimate trip for you. Especially if you’ve been considering driving to Tijuana from San Diego, there are a plethora of destinations that are exciting and easily accessible from the United States.

No matter which of the following top 5 camping sites in Baja you choose, or if better yet you choose to include multiple in your vacation, having temporary Mexico auto insurance will be required. Many people who are considering driving their car across the border, wonder, “Do I need insurance to drive to Mexico?” The quick answer is yes, as Mexico does not acknowledge U.S. auto insurance to have the proper accident or liability coverage. For peace of mind, it is recommended that you buy Mexican car insurance ahead of time from a reliable company like Mexican Border Insurance. Their reputable experts know exactly what you need when doing the San Diego to Tijuana border crossing in your own vehicle or in a camper for your long-anticipated trip. They’ll also ensure you have the most cost-effective option, so you can focus your energy on putting together a trip you will always remember.

When planning out your adventure in Baja, here are the top 5 camping sites you won’t want to miss:

Las Cañadas Campamento

The Las Canadas Campamento is a spectacular campground just south of Ensenada’s beautiful harbor and Malecón promenade. Beyond the standard campground, this one has activities that the whole family will love like a water park and an amazing zip line. For a more peaceful spot, try getting an area near the lake. Be sure to reserve one of the campground’s paddleboats to add to the fun!

La Palapa RV Camp

This RV campsite is situated on the stunning Sea of Cortez. Grab a beach side spot and enjoy incredible sunsets from your second story palapa. Though somewhat rustic, this camp has the comforts of running water, power and sewer.

Cabo Glorieta RV Resort

Head down to the southern-most tip of the stunning Baja California peninsula after driving to Tijuana from San Diego and you’ll hit the famous Cabo San Lucas. Though most famous for its beaches and all-inclusive resorts, it should also be known for some pretty spectacular camping sites. The Cabo Glorieta RV Resort features a heated swimming pool, concrete parking for your RV, electricity, laundry facilities, restrooms and hot showers for your comfort.

Spend the day relaxing at the campsite or head out and see for yourself why everyone loves Los Cabos.

Pikin Parque de Altura

If you’re driving from Tijuana to San Diego and wondering what to do in Tijuana then this a place you should add to your list. Situated just south of Tijuana, this top camping site and adventure park is one you’ll never forget. It has a private beach, zip line activity, pool, tennis courts and even a BBQ area.

Ruben’s Camp and Kiki’s RV, Camping and Motel

Located on the Eastern Coast of Baja in San Felipe, this campsite has two options, Kiki’s which has a motel as well as RV spaces and Ruben’s Camp, which is solely an RV park. Sunrises here are a must-see. There’s also a nearby Malecon with delicious restaurants and cool shops.

When planning a camping trip to Mexico, you may be wondering, can you buy Mexican car insurance at the border? While this is possible, it is much better for you to do so ahead of time so you can get right on the road to enjoying your camping trip. By leveraging a company like Mexican Border Insurance you’ll have the convenience of insurance experts without the headache of having to shop around and read Mexican auto insurance reviews.

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